Kamen Rider Season 15

January. 30,2005      
Trailer Synopsis

The Kamen Riders, known as Oni, battle man eating beasts called Makamou with "pure sound". One of the Oni, a man named Hibiki ends up having a teacher and apprentice-like relationship with Asumu Adachi. A young boy unsure of himself and is at a crossroads in his life as he transitions to high school, Asumu learns to be an adult through watching Hibiki and the other Oni as they all train together to hone their skills in fighting the Makamou and the homunculi aiding them. However, the sudden raise of Makamou numbers proves to be a prelude to an upcoming calamity.

Episode 48 : The Dream of Tomorrow
January. 22,2006
Leading the Oni, Hibiki brings Orochi to a halt and purifies the earth as the ancient writings described. One year later, Asumu has moved on from Takeshi and the Oni and now interns at a hospital in his quest to find his own path to helping people. But when Mochida is captured by the Man and Woman as a new specimen for their experiments, Asumu�s path leads him back to Hibiki, Kyousuke, and the other Oni once again!
Episode 47 : Talking to a Back
January. 15,2006
Coming to terms with what dying without regrets means to him, Asumu decides to walk away from his Oni training, leaving Hibiki seemingly disappointed, but with Orochi imminent, there�s no time to swell on it. Hibiki, Ibuki, and Todoroki set out to complete the ceremony, but Hibiki tricks the other Oni and escapes with his drumsticks, setting out for the purification site as the final battle begins�
Episode 46 : The Mastered Path of the Oni
January. 08,2006
Leading the Oni to a stone with ancient Oni script on it, the Man and Woman make their next move towards preventing Orochi, but the cost of stopping it may be too much for Ibuki to bear. Meanwhile, Kyousuke becomes increasingly obsessed with becoming an Oni, with his focus on his training consuming him, while Asumu questions what it means to put your life on the line to protect others�
Episode 45 : Dying a Glorious Death Zanki
December. 25,2005
Despite seeing him fall in battle, Ibuki is shocked to see Zanki appear in Todoroki�s room, but when Hibiki and Ibuki reveal Zanki�s fate, Todoroki angrily refuses to believe his mentor could be dead. As Kyousuke follows one of the boys that bullied him with Asumu on his trail, the approach of Orochi continues�
Episode 44 : Secret Forbiddenness
December. 18,2005
Despite earlier warnings about transforming again, Zanki steps up and rejoins the fight against the growing hordes of Makamou, but it takes an extreme toll on him, but he intends to help Todoroki regain his strength no matter the cost�
Episode 43 : Body That Cannot Change
December. 11,2005
After being crushed by a giant Makamou, Todoroki is rushed to the hospital, but while he survives, his prognosis is grim as he may never become an Oni again, driving him deep into depression while Zanki struggles with the situation. At the same time, Hibiki continues to train the boys, but Kyousuke�s arrogance and lack of physical skill holds him back, until he erupts with frustration at Hibiki�
Episode 42 : Ferocious Demons
December. 04,2005
With Orochi approaching, the number of Makamou has risen sharply, straining the Oni and their ability to handle it. With Hibiki taking Asumu and Kyousuke as his apprentices, the Oni are down even more, but even amidst the training, Hibiki rushes into battle, while Todoroki is gravely injured as he and Ibuki are overwhelmed�
Episode 41 : Awakening of a Teacher and Student
November. 27,2005
After Akira�s attempt at transforming, the Oni return to Tachibana�s where Asumu and Kyousuke are scolded for their attempts to become Akira�s apprentices. However, the boys are firm in their resolve to begin their Oni training, troubling Hibiki. Meanwhile, Ichirou meets with the mysterious Man and Woman, who warn him of the destruction to come�
Episode 40 : Approaching Oni
November. 20,2005
A mysterious forest appears out of nowhere, causing the Oni to worry about what it could mean, and the mysterious Man and Woman also seem to be concerned with the new development. Meanwhile, Asumu believes he�s ready to become Hibiki�s apprentice while Kyousuke continues to beg Hibiki for the same thing, but both boys may be disappointed in his answer�
Episode 39 : Your Beginning
November. 13,2005
After Hibiki is defeated by the fearsome Yobuko, Ibuki searches for Akira, while Todoroki is severely depressed over his perceived failure with Zanki. Meanwhile, Kyousuke stumbles upon Takeshi�s armory and attempts to transform into an Oni, while Asumu and Midori attempt to escape the clutches of the Makamou before they are devoured!
Episode 38 : Broken OnGeki
October. 30,2005
When a powerful Makamou appears that is resistant to the Slaying Sounds of Ibuki, Todoroki, and Hibiki, the Oni struggle to find a measure to combat it while Ibuki also battles with Akira�s whereabouts since she departed with Shuki. Meanwhile, Asumu finds himself worrying about his self-worth after he is cut from the band as Kiriya grates on his nerves.
Episode 37 : Revived Lightning
October. 23,2005
Having taken Todoroki�s transformation brace, Shuki sets out to get her vengeance on the Notsugo, despite the danger it poses to her former Oni comrades. As a result, Ibuki is tasked with the heavy burden of eliminating a fellow Oni, while Zanki struggles with who his former master has become�
Episode 36 : Hungry Shuki
October. 16,2005
A mysterious Oni Armor, that gives the wearer the power of an Oni, has been stolen from a shrine. The thief uses it to attack Oni and Makamou alike; leaving the Oni wander what is the thief�s motives for using the armor. Meanwhile, Akira struggles with her hatred for the Makamou and what it means for her Oni training�
Episode 35 : Lost Angel
October. 09,2005
Todoroki finds his romantic troubles are causing him increasing issues in battle as he loses focus, and Ibuki isn�t far behind him! As Zanki tries to help Todoroki regain his confidence and get back on Hinaka�s good side, Hibiki tries to give Asumu advice after the boy falls into a depression after what he saw involving Mochida, a matter which Hibiki himself doesn�t have much experience in himself�
Episode 34 : Beloved Bonito
October. 02,2005
Todoroki and Hinaka�s birthday date goes awry thanks to Todoroki�s clumsiness and Todoroki feels that he doesn�t live up to Hinaka�s image of an ideal man, leading to his love life problems affecting his job as an Oni. Meanwhile, Asumu sees Hitomi give a love letter to Kiriya and wonders if this is the end of the special friendship they shared.
Episode 33 : Armed Saber
September. 25,2005
After losing the Armed Saber to the Super Douji and Hime, Hibiki and Todoroki lose the ability to transform. They find out that they will regain the ability to transform in one month, but that is too long with a Makamou running amok. Kogure suggests that the two Oni undergo a special training, under his guidance, to regain their powers.
Episode 32 : Bursting Out Song
September. 18,2005
Kogure Kounosuke, a strong-willed weapons designer for Takeshi, comes bearing a gift for the Oni who work at the Tachibana Sweet Shop: the Armed Saber. Unfortunately, the weapon is too powerful for a normal Oni and the repercussions for trying to use it is losing the ability to transform. But when a new Douji and Hime appear more powerful than any before, the Oni may have no choice but to risk using it in battle�
Episode 31 : Surpassing Father
September. 11,2005
After witnessing Hibiki in battle and seeing Asumu�s familiarity with the Oni, Kyousuke declares that Asumu isn�t as boring as he thought and attempts to learn more about Hibiki, shadowing him at Tachibana�s. Meanwhile, Asumu learns more about his mother�s divorce from his father and decides to set out to meet the man he doesn�t even really know�
Episode 30 : Premonition of Training
September. 04,2005
A new boy has transferred to Asumu and Hitomi�s school, Kiriya Kyousuke, and the new boy seems to be good at everything from language to sports and makes Asumu feel boring. Meanwhile, The Man creates a new Makamou that does not have a Douji and Hime and unleashes it in the busy metropolis.
Episode 29 : Shining Boy
August. 28,2005
After his fall where he loses his phone, Asumu blames himself and Hibiki confronts the boy about being too negative and self-conscious. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Todoroki combine their efforts and battle Douji and Hime, with Eiki joining them in the battle against the Makamou, but it escapes and makes its way toward Hibiki and Asumu�s campsite�
Episode 28 : Unending Villainy
August. 21,2005
After being beaten up for revenge by the shoplifter he stopped several months ago, Asumu loses his normal cheerfulness. Hibiki sees this and decides to take Asumu for a forest hike while fixing his damaged drumstick. Meanwhile, Eiki is defeated by an armored Douji and Hime, so Ibuki and Todoroki are called in to avenge their fellow Oni.
Episode 27 : Passing Down the Bond
August. 14,2005
Zanki is attacked by a white Puppet, and the damaged disks lead Hibiki and Todoroki to track down the group of Bakeneko hiding in the forest shrine. Back at Tachibana�s, Tsutomu reveals his relationship to the Oni world to Asumu and asks what he wants to do in the future.
Episode 26 : Tallying Days
August. 07,2005
Everybody is out, either enjoying their day off or hunting down Makamou, leaving Asumu and Akira to tend to the sweet shop. Ibuki crosses paths with a strange couple that are dressed in full kimonos in a busy city while Hibiki and Todoroki track down a Bakeneko group hidden deep within a mountain forest.
Episode 25 : Racing Blueness
July. 24,2005
After Sabaki is defeated by a Kappa, Hibiki is sent out to finish the job. At the same time, Asumu, Hitomi, Hinaka, and Todoroki enjoy the day off by going to a water park where they run into Tsutomu Tsumura, who works at the park but has ties to the Oni world.
Episode 24 : Burning Crimson
July. 17,2005
Discovering the self-multiplying Dorotabou, the Oni realize they will have to unify their powers using taiko to defeat the Makamou. As Hibiki trains harder to unleash his Crimson form, Todoroki struggles with his lack of drumming skill, but a pep talk from Hinaka might just be what he needs�
Episode 23 : Summer of Training
July. 10,2005
Hibiki takes Todoroki to his mountain training temple to teach him how to play the taiko so that the Oni are better prepared to deal with the summer Makamou, which are resistant to stringed instruments. Unfortunately, the training seems to be too intense for Todoroki, who loses faith. Meanwhile, Asumu is assigned the whistle in his high school�s brass band and is not too pleased with not having the chance to play the drums.
Episode 22 : Changing into a Cocoon
July. 03,2005
As Asumu and Mochi wait for Hibiki to return with the doctor, Akira is injured as Ibuki and Todoroki combine their strength to defeat the pair of Douji and Hime, but the Ubume and Yamaarashi are nowhere to be found. What they do find is a new, disturbing hybrid of the two Makamou and despite their best efforts, they can�t defeat it alone. Just then, Hibiki arrives as backup�
Episode 21 : Demons Drawn Together
June. 26,2005
While Hibiki enjoys a day off of fighting to run errands with Asumu, Ibuki and Todoroki are separately following two groups of Makamou that are heading towards Mount Asama. The Oni find it strange that the Makamou don�t want to fight nor do they attack humans, so just what is at the top of the mountain that draws them?
Episode 20 : The Pure Sound
June. 12,2005
Zanki visits Todoroki on the battlefield to question about his style of fighting while Asumu begins to have troubles at Tachibana�s and is then pulled into a conversation with Ichiro about the Oni. Hibiki later joins Todoroki in a fight against an Amikiri as Zanki makes a decision about his and Todoroki�s future.
Episode 19 : The Strumming Warrior
June. 05,2005
Asumu begins his first day at Tachibana�s and discovers that Todoroki and Hitomi are related. Todoroki continues to fight the Bakegani as Kasumi notices something is wrong with him, while Zanki later arrives after he is called by Ichiro to examine a recording of Todoroki�s peculiar fighting style. Meanwhile, Hibiki practices on a dirtbike while waiting on standby�
Episode 18 : Unbroken Hurricane
May. 29,2005
Akira makes her way towards the ever-changing location of the Oonamazu but as she heads towards the battle, a puppet-type Makamou causes her to collapse under a bridge. Meanwhile, Asumu heads to Tachibana�s to drop off his notes and ends up helping Hinaka deal with the influx of customers. Finally, having tracked down the Oonamazu, Ibuki proceeds underground into the sewers to fight it for the final time�
Episode 17 : The Targeted Town
May. 22,2005
Kasumi and Ibuki go clothes-shopping on their day off. After shopping and during their meal, Ibuki sees a Douji and Hime pair in the city and begins his pursuit. Elsewhere, Hitomi is having mixed feelings about Asumu and Akira spending so much time together. After defeating the Douji/Hime pair, Ibuki is attacked by a Makamou that eats his disk animals as he waits for Akira to arrive with his Reppu!
Episode 16 : Torodoku Oni
May. 15,2005
Zanki and Todoyama come to Sabaki�s rescue after being captured by the Yamaarashi, but Zanki begins to weaken and proves unable to defeat it. Todoyama takes Zanki�s place and destroys his first giant-type Makamou. As Zanki retires, Todoyama refuses to take his name, instead wanting to make a name for himself, as Zanki dubs him Todoroki, the Roaring Oni.
Episode 15 : Weakening Thunder
May. 08,2005
Asumu returns home after spending a week hospitalized and begins his recuperation. Elsewhere, Zanki reveals that he will soon be retiring and expects his apprentice Todoyama to take his place, a revelation that Todoyama is less than pleased with. Even more, they are called to aid Sabaki at Tsukama Village, where a Yamaarashi is running rampant.
Episode 14 : Devouring Douji
May. 01,2005
Asumu is suffering from appendicitis and is rushed into surgery, as his high school life comes to a halt until he heals. Hitomi runs into her cousin while Asumu meets a man who gives him some advice as he leaves the hospital, as Hibiki and Ibuki team up to track down and destroy the berserk Douji.
Episode 13 : Berserk Fate
April. 24,2005
Hibiki goes to Asumu to ask him for a favor but Asumu doesn�t seem to be feeling well, and is rushed to the hospital when he collapses during class! In the mountains, after being given a power boost, an Ubume Douji goes berserk, killing the Ubume and the Hime, and proceeds to hunt down other Makamou, interfering in a battle Danki was engaging in before moving on to attack Ibuki!
Episode 12 : Secrets Revealed
April. 17,2005
After going through a false wall in Tachibana�s Sweet Shop, Asumu stumbles upon the Oni R&D room where Midori shines some light on Hibiki�s past. Meanwhile, Hibiki believes he�s discovered the secret to defeating the Armored Douji and Hime and begins to time their transformation, but he has to hurry as a Nurikabe is making its way towards the village below the mountain!
Episode 11 : Swallowing Wall
April. 10,2005
A new school year has started and Asumu enters high school but still has mixed feelings on the path of life he has taken. Through all the aimless wandering he finds himself back at Tachibana�s Sweet Shop, but Hibiki has traveled out to the countryside after a call about people strangely disappearing where he faces off with new armored versions of the Douji and Hime.
Episode 10 : Oni Standing In A Line
April. 03,2005
Asumu continues to wander through town after being a witness to the shoplifting, not really sure of himself and what to do next. Meanwhile, Hibiki and Ibuki team up to take down a very rare Makamou, Otoroshi.
Episode 9 : Wriggling Evil
March. 27,2005
Spring break has started and Asumu has already gotten off on the wrong foot, having missed going to the movies with his friend. He spends the rest of the day wandering around town and eventually encountering shoplifters. Meanwhile, Hibiki looks to see if his training paid off by taking down an Ooari while Ibuki and Akira track down a Makamou that seems to be a little more than they had suspected.
Episode 8 : Screaming Wind
March. 20,2005
Lost in the forest, Asumu stumbles onto Ibuki�s camp where an irritated Akira tells Asumu that he will only hinder Hibiki if he continues following him around and that it would be best for him to leave. Asumu wonders just how true her words are and asks Hibiki himself how he feels about it after he arrives at the camp. Ibuki then defeats the Ittan-momen and Akira and Asumu make amends with each other.
Episode 7 : The Blowing Oni
March. 13,2005
Excited over passing his entrance exam for Jounan, Asumu rushes to tell Hibiki the good news but is told he is training at a shrine deep in the mountains. Hinaka tells him how to get there and he sets off by himself. Meanwhile, Ibuki�s apprentice Akira arrives in the mountains and is attacked, forcing Ibuki to transform to fight a flying Makamou.
Episode 6 : Striking Soul
March. 06,2005
Ibuki, thinking Asumu is Hibiki�s apprentice, takes Asumu to where Hibiki and Kasumi are located. Hibiki and Asumu have a discussion about life and the challenges that everyone faces, leaving Asumu with a renewed passion to do well on his entrance exams. Hibiki then returns to battle the Bakegani that defeated him previously.
Episode 5 : Melting Sea
February. 27,2005
After a discussion with Hibiki about his plans after middle school, Asumu is reminded that he has no choice but to pass his entrance exam into Jounan, and he resolves to not see Hibiki until he gets in so he can share the good news. Meanwhile, Hibiki heads out after news that one of his comrades was injured in a fight, but can he handle an unfamiliar type of Makamou?
Episode 4 : Running Ichirou
February. 20,2005
Asumu trails an old man whom he believes has connections to Hibiki after he sees him save a young girl. Elsewhere, Hibiki continues his battle with the Makamou who had been killing people in the forest. After the battle, Hibiki and Kasumi return to Tachibana�s sweet shop, where the Asumu and the old man are.
Episode 3 : Falling Voice
February. 13,2005
Both Adachi and Hibiki return to Tokyo where Hibiki is sent off to defeat a Yamabiko sighted at Okutama. Later on, Hibiki meets Asumu�s mother, who is ecstatic to see him. Meanwhile, the strain of studying for entrance exams begins to trouble Asumu as he worries about Hibiki and how safe he is with the type of job he has.
Episode 2 : Roaring Spider
February. 06,2005
After rescuing Chizu, Hibiki spends the night at the memorial where Asumu is staying. The next day, Asumu meets Hibiki out by the beach and they discuss what Hibiki does for a living. As Hibiki searches the mountain, Asumu follows him and is attacked in the woods, where he is rescued and witnesses Hibiki transform to fight the Hime and her child, a demon-spider called Tsuchigumo.
Episode 1 : The Echoing Oni
January. 30,2005
There are those known as Takeshi who have fought since ancient times to protect people. Some of them have even dared to become Oni, to fight against the evil Makamou. Following the Oni are the boys and girls who start toward tomorrow, step by step�


Season 32
Deadmans is an organization that worships demons. Through the use of mysterious Vistamps, monsters called Deadman are born from within humans. Fighting to protect his family from Deadmans' clutches is Ikki Igarashi. He himself has a contract with Vice, a demon that lives within Ikki's body. Together, they transform into two Kamen Riders: Ikki as Kamen Rider Revi, and Vice as Kamen Rider Vice. Together, they are Kamen Rider Revice!
Season 32 2021
Season 31
Long ago, a sect of swordsmen known as the Sword of Logos protected the Book of Ancients, a powerful tome of history that contains everything known to man; myths, creatures, stories, science, technology, and the evolution of human civilization. However thousands of years ago, a traitor working for the Megiddo tried to steal it for himself. As a result, the Book vanished and each of its pages scattered across the world. Fast-forward to present day, young novelist Touma Kamiyama has been having dreams of another dimension where he witnessed swordsmen and monsters coming out of a storybook, and a mysterious girl calling for help. One day, a strange phenomenon occurred without notice; a part of the city had disappeared.
Season 31 2020
Season 30
After the death of his grandfather Korenosuke, failed comedian Aruto Hiden is chosen to inherit his company and be granted the power of the Hiden Zero-One Driver, just as a cyber-terrorist organization called MetsubouJinrai.net begins their plan to exterminate mankind.
Season 30 2019
Season 29
In the fall of 2018, a time machine appears before a hero born in the year 2000. The hero has always dreamed of becoming a king. A mysterious girl appears from the time machine, telling the hero “I come from the year 2068, a world without hope where the king of demons reigns supreme.” The girl has come from the future in a desperate effort to change her own time. The girl then gives the hero an ominous warning “You will become Kamen Rider Zi-O, King of Time, the demon destined to rule the world.” Can this really be the hero’s fate? This is the story of a Kamen Rider who would be king, who will fight to save the past, present, and future, encountering the various Heisei Kamen Riders throughout space-time.
Season 29 2018
Season 28
10 years after the Pandora's Box disaster divided Japan into three separate nations, unidentified lifeforms called 'SMASH' have appeared. To fight them, a prodigy physicist with no memory utilises the Full Bottles to transform himself. This man is Sento Kiryu, Kamen Rider Build.
Season 28 2017
Season 27
The Bugster virus - a new type of virus that slowly takes over its host, before converting them fully into a virtual creature known as a Bugster. The only form of combat against this viral threat are the Kamen Riders of the Computer Rescue Center, a secretive medical team working for the Ministry of Health. Enter Emu Houjou, a pediatrics intern and a genius gamer, who stumbles into the fight against the Bugsters as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!
Season 27 2016
Season 26
Takeru Tenkuuji was murdered by evil Ganma. He has to collect fifteen Eyecons to bring himself back to life. With learning the souls of heroes inside of Eyecons, he saves the people around.
Season 26 2015
Season 25
On April 8th, 2014, the world came to a standstill. Hundreds were killed by the sudden assault of the mechanical life forms, Roidmudes. The event became known as the Global Freeze, and the effect referred to as 'Density Shift'. Six months later... Former police officer Shinnosuke Tomari is demoted to the Special Investigations Division - a group investigating the Density Shift events. When he is chosen by the Drive Driver, Shinnosuke transforms into Kamen Rider Drive, and is tasked with battling and destroying the 108 Roidmudes, before they can eliminate the human race.
Season 25 2014
Season 24
The world was eroded by Helheim and the nationwide Yggdrasil Corporation conspires to sacrifice the majority of human being. Mysterious fruits of Helheim give Kouta Kazuraba a power to morph into Kamen Rider Gaim.
Season 24 2013
Season 23
Man with a strong magic power is called as “Gate” and Phantoms seek and attack them. Kamen Rider Wizard / Haruto Souma, himself was also a “Gate”, fights for a hope of people with a power of Phantoms within.
Season 23 2012
Season 22
Amanogawa High School is no stranger to high-school drama, but what happens when that drama involves monsters?! Enter yankee-styled transfer student Gentaro Kisaragi and the Kamen Rider Club, combatting the threat of the Zodiarts threatening their school days as Kamen Rider Fourze!
Season 22 2011
Season 21
Coin-based homunculi known as the Greeed have awoken from an 800-year slumber! The only hope of stopping them in their pursuit of human desires is a rogue Greeed named Ankh, reduced to the form of a disembodied arm, and the wandering hermit Eiji Hino. Presented with a belt and three Core Medals, Eiji steps forward as the champion of human desire - Kamen Rider OOO!
Season 21 2010
Season 20
A detective, proclaiming himself to be hard boiled, and a mysterious boy who is connected to “Memory of Gaia” together morph into Kamen Rider W. They protect their city “Futo” from crimes caused by “Gaia memory”.
Season 20 2009
Season 19
Many of parallel worlds were merging to bring a great catastrophe; Kamen Rider Decade travels around the worlds to prevent it with exploiting all the other Kamen Rider’s skills.
Season 19 2009
Season 18
Twenty-two years after the disappearance of his father, Wataru Kurenai lives in an infamous "haunted house" where he is destined as Kamen Rider Kiva to fight life-draining monsters called Fangires, the very race his father fought years ago before his disappearance. Wataru must also deal with Kamen Rider Ixa who is part of an organization seeking to destroy the Fangire menace, as well as the Fangires' own Rider, Kamen Rider Saga. The story is split between the actions of Wataru in the present (2008-09) and his father Otoya in the past (1986-87), slowly revealing the link between the Fangire Race and Kiva.
Season 18 2008
Season 17
One day out of the blue, a faint-hearted boy named Ryōtarō Nogami picks up a pass to the time-travelling train, Den Liner. Ryōtarō then becomes Kamen Rider Den-O to fight the invaders from the future, Imagin.
Season 17 2007
Season 16
Using the Masked Rider System developed by the secret organization of ZECT, Tendo Soji fights the Worm, extraterrestrial life forms that murder and mimic human beings.
Season 16 2006
Season 15
The Kamen Riders, known as Oni, battle man eating beasts called Makamou with "pure sound". One of the Oni, a man named Hibiki ends up having a teacher and apprentice-like relationship with Asumu Adachi. A young boy unsure of himself and is at a crossroads in his life as he transitions to high school, Asumu learns to be an adult through watching Hibiki and the other Oni as they all train together to hone their skills in fighting the Makamou and the homunculi aiding them. However, the sudden raise of Makamou numbers proves to be a prelude to an upcoming calamity.
Season 15 2005
Season 14
Ten thousand years ago, fifty-two demons—the Undead—partook in a Battle Royal to decide which species would inherit the Earth. The winner was the Human Undead, and thus dominion of the Earth was given to Humanity. In the present day, archeologists discovered the sealed Undead, and accidentally released them. To counter this threat, the Board Of Archaeological Research Department–BOARD–equips two young men with the Rider System. As a new Battle Royal begins, who will emerge the victor?
Season 14 2004
Season 13
While travelling, Inui Takumi is involved in an incident revolving around what is known as Faiz Gear. Before long, he awakens into a rider that fights the Orphnoch. However, he himself was also an Orphnoch.
Season 13 2003
Season 12
Thirteen Card Decks were created for thirteen Kamen Riders. They make Contracts with monsters from the mysterious Mirror World, a parallel dimension opposite to our own in which only the Kamen Riders can exist. The Riders draw on their monsters' strength in exchange for feeding them the life force of the creatures they destroy. The creator of the Advent Cards has only one rule: that there can be only one Kamen Rider. The others must be killed, and the sole victor will be granted a single wish, which leads to a conflict known as the Rider War.
Season 12 2002
Season 11
A man with amnesia, Tsugami Shoichi, is awoken to his powers of Agito. With Hikawa Makoto (man who equips G3) and Ashihara Ryo (transforms into Gills), he is at the mercy of his destiny.
Season 11 2001
Season 10
Revived from ancient ruins, the Gurongi Tribe began to terrorize the people. Godai Yusuke, an adventurer, equips the combat tool of Arcle, and bears his destiny as a Kuuga warrior.
Season 10 2000
Season 9
A month after the defeat of Gorgom, Minami Kotaro is kidnapped by the Crisis Empire. After refusing to join them, he is thrown out into space where he undergoes the change to become Kamen Rider Black RX.
Season 9 1988
Season 8
After being kidnapped by the cult Gorgom on the night of their 19th birthday, stepbrothers Kotaro Minami and Nobuhiko Akizuki are submitted to a mutant surgery with the purpose of becoming the candidates to be the next Creation King. Kotaro escapes before the brainwashing, with help from his foster father, and turned against Gorgom. He soon finds out the horrific truth from his stepfather: Gorgom originally killed his true parents. Later on, Kamen Rider Black must battle with his brother, who has become the trump card of Gorgom, Shadow Moon.
Season 8 1987
Season 7
Kazuya Oki volunteers to undergo cybernetic surgery in the International Space Development Program in the United States in order to become an astronaut who can survive in outer space without the need for a bulky external suit. After a successful operation, he is given the codename "Super-1". Before he can depart for space, however, the base where he received his operation is attacked by the Dogma Kingdom. Only Kazuya is able to escape and determined to avenge the deaths of the scientists, he returns to Japan and is trained by a martial arts expert, Master Genkai. With this knowledge, he is able to transform into the powerful Kamen Rider Super-1 to fight the evil Dogma Kingdom and later the Jin Dogma.
Season 7 1980
Season 6
Doctor Keitarō Shido, an acclaimed scientist, has been kidnapped by the terrorist organization Neo-Shocker in order to exploit his expertise in robotics technology. Desperate to escape, he convinces Neo-Shocker command to allow him to operate on an injured camper. Explaining that he can turn the camper, Hiroshi Tsukuba into a powerful Neo-Shocker warrior, they allow Doctor Shido to operate. However, he quickly turns the tables on them, transforming Hiroshi not into an evil monster, but into the powerful warrior Skyrider, using his new found abilities to combat the evil Neo-Shocker menace.
Season 6 1979
Season 5
Shigeru Jo joins the evil organization Black Satan after the death of his close friend Goro Numata, who he considered his mentor. He, promised power, and fueled by a desire for revenge, undergoes surgery to become one of Black Satan's super warriors. However, Shigeru knows that Black Satan were in fact the murderers of his friend; he was using Black Satan in order to gain new powers. The newly powered up Shigeru escapes from the Black Satan headquarters before they can brainwash him into following their campaign of evil and becomes Kamen Rider Stronger. While escaping from Black Satan, Stronger meets Yuriko Misaki another cyborg warrior created by Black Satan who has the ability to transform into Electro-Wave Human Tackle. Together they fight the evil Black Satan and later the Delza Army to restore peace in Japan.
Season 5 1975
Season 4
Inheriting the ancient Incan super-energy, wild child Amazon flew over the Pacific to his far and distant homeland of Japan to stop the evil ambitions of the Geddon and the Garanda Empire!
Season 4 1974
Season 3
Robotics scientist Keitaro Jin and his son Keisuke become caught up in the campaign of terror by an evil organization known as "G.O.D.". They are attacked and the professor's technology stolen, but before Keitaro dies, he is still able to perform surgery on his son. With the very last of his robotics technology, he transforms his son into "Kamen Rider X". To avenge his father's death and ensure the safety of the entire world, Keisuke uses this technology as he battles the monstrous minions of G.O.D.
Season 3 1974
Season 2
This series followed Shiro Kazami on his quest to gain revenge against Destron, the group that murdered his family. Later on, Riderman, the fourth Kamen Rider is introduced as the first long term anti-hero Kamen Rider. The original two Kamen Riders also make various appearances over the course of the series to help Kazami.
Season 2 1973
Season 1
Kamen Rider follows Takeshi Hongo and later, Hayato Ichimonji, both were turned into cyborgs by the evil organization called Shocker, but managed to escape before they were brainwashed by them. With the help of Tobei Tachibana and their friends, they fight the evil Shocker and later, GelShocker from their plans of world domination as Kamen Rider!
Season 1 1971

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The Spectacular Spider-Man
The Spectacular Spider-Man
The Spectacular Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the superhero character published by Marvel Comics and developed for television by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook. In terms of tone and style, the series is based primarily on the original stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, with a similar balance of action, drama, and comedy as well as a high school setting. However, it also tends to utilize material from all eras of the comic's run and other sources such as the film series and the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. The Spectacular Spider-Man premiered on March 8, 2008 during the Kids' WB programming block of The CW, and received critical acclaim. The series aired its second season on Marvel's sister network, Disney XD in the United States and ended its run on November 18, 2009, also receiving positive critical attention. Although a third season was planned, the series was cancelled before production could begin.
The Spectacular Spider-Man 2008
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck
The adventures of superhero Darkwing Duck, aided by his sidekick Launchpad McQuack. In his secret identity of Drake Mallard, he lives in a suburban house with his adopted daughter Gosalyn, next door to the bafflingly dim-witted Muddlefoot family. A spin-off of DuckTales.
Darkwing Duck 1991
Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels
Beautiful, intelligent, and ultra-sophisticated, Charlie's Angels are everything a man could dream of... and way more than they could ever handle! Receiving their orders via speaker phone from their never seen boss, Charlie, the Angels employ their incomparable sleuthing and combat skills, as well as their lethal feminine charm, to crack even the most seemingly insurmountable of cases.
Charlie's Angels 1976
The Flash
The Flash
When a bolt of lightening crashes through a police crime lab, a mix of electrically charged substances bathes chemist Barry Allen, transforming him into the fastest man alive--The Flash.
The Flash 1990
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Kung Lao has triumphed in the Mortal Kombat tournament, defeating Shang Tsung and saving Earth Realm. Now, he must train a new generation of warriors for the next tournament. Meanwhile, an exiled Shang Tsung attempts to thwart Lao's efforts with the aid of supernatural warriors such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero.
Mortal Kombat: Conquest 1998
Jackie Chan Adventures
Jackie Chan Adventures
Jackie Chan Adventures is an American animated television series chronicling the adventures of a fictionalized version of action film star Jackie Chan. Many of the episodes contain references to Chan's actual works. This series ran on Kids' WB! from September 9, 2000 to July 8, 2005 for a total of 95 episodes, or 5 seasons. During its run, it was also shown on Cartoon Network, and afterwards, its reruns landed on Disney XD. An Arabic translation has been airing on MBC 3 since early 2006 and a Tamil translation has been airing on Chutti TV since its launch. It also used to air on Cartoon Network in Urdu. There have been several toys and video games based on the series. Its main character designer is Jeff Matsuda.
Jackie Chan Adventures 2000
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Prime Video
Avatar: The Last Airbender
In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world.
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005
The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes is a Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel of the same title. It was first broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in 1983. The 59 episodes long series is divided into three parts. This 1983 version is considered by many to be a classic television adaptation of the novel and features the breakthrough role of Barbara Yung, who played Huang Rong.
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Four turtles fall into the sewers and are befriended by Hamato Yoshi a Japanese man sent to New York who was forced to live in the sewers. One day he sees a strange green glow which transforms the four turtles into human-like creatures. Hamato (now Master Splinter) changes into a giant rat from the green glow and teaches the turtles the skills of the ninja as they team up with news reporter April O'Neil to battle against Yoshi's arch enemy Shredder and Krang, an alien warlord from Dimension X.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987
The Batman
The Batman
Bruce Wayne, The Batman -- billionaire by day, crime fighter by night -- joined on occasion by Robin and Batgirl.
The Batman 2004


Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. His Father, Ging, is a Hunter—a member of society's elite with a license to go anywhere or do almost anything. Gon, determined to follow in his father's footsteps, decides to take the Hunter Examination and eventually find his father to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right. But on the way, he learns that there is more to becoming a Hunter than previously thought, and the challenges that he must face are considered the toughest in the world.
Hunter x Hunter 2011
One Piece
One Piece
Years ago, the fearsome Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was executed leaving a huge pile of treasure and the famous "One Piece" behind. Whoever claims the "One Piece" will be named the new King of the Pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who consumed a "Devil Fruit," decides to follow in the footsteps of his idol, the pirate Shanks, and find the One Piece. It helps, of course, that his body has the properties of rubber and that he's surrounded by a bevy of skilled fighters and thieves to help him along the way. Luffy will do anything to get the One Piece and become King of the Pirates!
One Piece 1999
One-Punch Man
One-Punch Man
Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun. After three years of “special” training, though, he’s become so strong that he’s practically invincible. In fact, he’s too strong—even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch, and it turns out that being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore. With his passion for being a hero lost along with his hair, yet still faced with new enemies every day, how much longer can he keep it going?
One-Punch Man 2015
Stranger Things
Stranger Things
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one strange little girl.
Stranger Things 2016

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