Captain America’s Believes Marvel Should Have Earned Award Nominations
The Marvel Cinematic Universe may initially be an adventurous experiment, but it has had a huge impact on the entertainment industry.
Tenet will be Released on Wednesday, August 12
Nearly two weeks after pushing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet back from its initial release date of July 17 to July 31, Warner Bros. has shifted the film back again—this time by a week and a half to Wednesday, August 12.
Kristen Stewart will Play the Role of Princess Diana
Prepare for Kristen Stewart to assume her most demanding role to date, becoming Princess Diana.
Oscar Nominated film "Selma" free "online"
"Selma" about the Black People's Rights Movement will be "online" for free in the United States.
Chernobyl Was Nominated for 14 BAFTAS
HBO about nuclear leak of TV drama "chernobyl", leading on this year's British television Academy Awards and won 14 nominations.
Masked ‘Mandalorian’ Actor Spurs Golden Globes Rules Change
Pedro Pascal and his masked bounty hunter on "The Mandalorian" had an impact on the rules of the Golden Globes.
Zack Snyder's $20M-Plus 'Justice League' Cut Plans Revealed
On May 21, Justice League will be released at 2021 on HBO Max. Adapted from DC Comics, Justice League is the fifth movie in DC ’s extended universe. The story takes place after the timeline of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.
New Mutants Will be Relased at Aug. 28th
The New Mutants, a film that never seems to be released, has a new release date: August 28.
Aquaman Is Not Bad on Rotten Tomatoes
The film recorded 55 reviews in Rotten Tomatoes, 40 fresh and 15 bad, with an average of 6.3/10; the audience wanted to see a higher index 97%.
Paramount Pictures Changed Terminator's Schedule Again
Paramount Pictures changed the schedule of Terminator Reboot 6 again.
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