Captain America’s Believes Marvel Should Have Earned Award Nominations

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may initially be an adventurous experiment, but it has had a huge impact on the entertainment industry. Every piece of the third phase is a crucial box office, but only Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther" has received serious attention in the form of an Oscar nomination. Captain America actor Chris Evans (Chris Evans) recently talked about this trend and defended the MCU's best movie, which is worthy of nomination.

Although the superhero type has strong power at the box office, it is still a difficult battle to consider it as a major award ceremony. Logan and Black Panther are the exceptions to this rule, but Chris Evans seems to believe that some MCU movies may meet this honor. Steve Rogers (Steve Rogers) himself recently solved the problem of MCU lack of award attention.

Since the date of writing, Marvel Cinematic Universe has released as many as 23 blockbuster movies. Although Chris Evans admits that their qualities will vary, he seems to think that some of them may be nominated for major awards. Although he did not provide any specific suggestions, the fans of Miracle Fan will undoubtedly provide some suggestions.