The Dick Cavett Show Season 1

June. 06,1968      
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The Dick Cavett Show has been the title of several talk shows hosted by Dick Cavett on various television networks.

Episode 38 : Woody Allen, Anthony Quinn, Peter Ustinov, Cast of Hair, James Baldwin, Paul Weiss
May. 16,1969
ABC Emmy Submission
Episode 37 : Norman Mailer, Tyrone Guthrie, Paul Weiss
January. 22,1969
Episode 36 : Lowell Thomas, John Hartford, Henry Borovik
January. 16,1969
Episode 35 : Sol Linowitz, Marlena Shaw, Minerva Pious, Hugh Hefner
January. 15,1969
Episode 34 : Mort Sahl, Richard Schickel, Anne Heywood, Willie Mae Hickman
January. 07,1969
Episode 33 : Ralph Schoenstein, Harry Nilsson, Joyce Susskind, Tom Wolfe
January. 06,1969
Episode 32 : Danny Meehan, Joanna Pettet, S. N. Behrman, Joseph Wiseman
January. 02,1969
Episode 31 : Chris and Peter Allen, Dwight Macdonald, Claire Bloom, Norman Mailer
September. 27,1968
Episode 30 : Dana Valery, Mort Sahl, Skitch Henderson, Joseph Heller
September. 03,1968
Episode 29 : Jimmy Breslin, Amanda Ambrose, Don Rickles, Hayes Jones
August. 15,1968
Episode 28 : Fannie Flagg, Peter Finch, Joni Mitchell, Bob and Ray, George Plimpton
August. 14,1968
Episode 27 : Friend and Lover, Brother Theodore, Eliot Janeway, Rona Jaffe
August. 13,1968
Episode 26 : The Beach Boys, Pat McCormick, Charlotte Curtis, Senator George McGovern
August. 13,1968
Episode 25 : Howard Morris, Gloria Steinem, Ravi Shankar, William Price Fox, Paul Walter
August. 12,1968
Episode 24 : Bob and Ray, Robert Goulet, Roger Vadim, Senator Gerald Ford
August. 09,1968
Episode 23 : Bob and Ray, The Bee Gees, Peter Lawford, Ted Mack, Sondra Locke
August. 08,1968
Episode 22 : Bob and Ray, The Hello People, William Sloane Coffin, Carol Mann
August. 07,1968
Episode 21 : Bob and Ray, Alan Burke, Anne Scheer, Victor Borge, Freda Payne
August. 06,1968
Episode 20 : Bob and Ray, Dana Valery, William Redfield, Jill Shipstad, Jack E. Leonard
August. 05,1968
Episode 19 : Big Brother and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin, Frank Converse, Mary Switzer, William Safire
July. 31,1968
Episode 18 : Jerry Jeff Walker, Jack Burns, Mina Kolb, Edward Epstein
July. 30,1968
Episode 17 : Heywood Hale Broun, Henry Pinkwater, Mitch Ryder, Jean Shrimpton, Dr. William Grier
July. 26,1968
Episode 16 : John Davidson, Ice Cream Lady, Frank Mankiewicz, Harold Glassen
July. 25,1968
Episode 15 : Ramsey Clark, Joel Grey, James M. Gavin
July. 24,1968
Episode 14 : Kenneth DeMilt, Julie Gregg, Caroline Bird, Hubert Humphrey
July. 23,1968
Episode 13 : Henry Morgan, Roz Kelly, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Hazel Scott, Stephen Birmingham
July. 22,1968
Episode 12 : Lainie Kazan, Alan Alda, Cousin Brucie, Fred Papert
July. 19,1968
Episode 11 : Jo Anne Worley, Robert Humphrey, William Accorsi, Jonathan Kozol
July. 18,1968
Episode 10 : The Box Tops, Maharana of Udaipur, Mayor John Lindsay, Glynis Johns, Elliott Arnold
July. 17,1968
Episode 9 : Sheila MacRae, James Wechsler, Cashman, Pistilli & West, Jeremy Slate
July. 16,1968
Episode 8 : Mary Pangalos, Rodney Dangerfield, Peter, Paul and Mary, Senator Joseph Tydings
July. 11,1968
Episode 7 : Gladys Knight and the Pips, Barbara Cook, David Schoenbrun, Ed Dunn, Irwin Corey
July. 10,1968
Episode 6 : Daughter of Eugene McCarthy, Vidal Sassoon, David Steinberg, 1910 Fruit Gum Company, Ashley Montagu
July. 09,1968
Episode 5 : Billy Vera, Barbara Walters, Jack Doroshow, Senator Charles Percy
July. 08,1968
Episode 4 : Jerry Orbach, Marta Curro, Sally Trench, Della Reese, Truman Capote
July. 05,1968
Episode 3 : James Baldwin, Phyllis Newman, Jonathan Weiss, Paul Weiss, Elly Stone
June. 13,1968
Episode 2 : Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Bob Hope, Debbie Reynolds, Pat McCormick
June. 10,1968
Episode 1 : Robert Vaughn, Roy Wilkins, David Schoenbrun, F. Lee Bailey, Lauren Bacall
June. 06,1968


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