The Dick Cavett Show Season 3

May. 16,1969      
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The Dick Cavett Show has been the title of several talk shows hosted by Dick Cavett on various television networks.

Episode 50 : Woody Allen, Ruth Gordon, Gina Lollobrigida
September. 19,1969
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests director Woody Allen, actress Ruth Gordon and film star Gina Lollobridgida.
Episode 46 : Robert Young, Ralph Nader, Jimi Hendrix
September. 09,1969
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests actor and star of Marcus Welby MD Robert Young, consumer advocate Ralph Nader and musician Jimi Hendrix.
Episode 44 : Groucho Marx
September. 05,1969
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests Groucho Marx. Highlights: Groucho reminisces with anecdotes, ad libs, and demonstrates his singing prowess...a style all its own performing "Lydia".
Episode 43 : Eartha Kitt, Rex Stout, William Holden
September. 05,1969
Episode 37 : Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Crosby & Stills, Grace Slick
August. 19,1969
Taped the day after the Woodstock festival ended, host Dick Cavett welcomed several big name acts that had just performed there, some still covered with mud. Recorded 'in the round' with a youthful audience, this show is a true time capsule of the time. Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests Jefferson Airplane, singer Joni Mitchell and singer-musicians Stephen Stills and David Crosby. Highlights: Jefferson Airplane perform "We Can Be Together" and "Somebody to Love". Stephen Stills performs "4 + 20". Joni sings "Chelsea Morning".
Episode 22 : Joe Namath, Joan Rivers, Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
September. 16,1969
Episode 19 : Robert Downey Sr., Garson Kanin, Gwen Verdon, Jimi Hendrix
July. 07,1969
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests director Robert Downey, dancer-actress Gwen Verdon, playwright Garson Kanin and musician Jimi Hendrix.
Episode 18 : Stanley Kramer, Dr. Paul Weiss, Voices of East Harlem
August. 29,1969
Episode 17 : Judy Collins, Wayne Morse
August. 26,1969
Episode 15 : Beverly Sills, Shirley Chisholm
August. 18,1969
Episode 14 : Jack Benny
August. 15,1969
Episode 13 : Nicol Williamson, Arlo Guthrie
August. 12,1969
Episode 12 : Woody Allen, Carmen McRae, W. Averell Harriman
August. 11,1969
Episode 11 : Duke Ellington, Mary McCarthy
August. 08,1969
Episode 10 : Burt Lancaster, Ada Louise Huxtable, Tim Hardin
July. 21,1969
Episode 9 : Janis Joplin, The Committee, Michael Thomas
July. 18,1969
Episode 8 : Redd Foxx, Richard Attenborough, Patty Duke, James J. Kilpatrick
July. 14,1969
Episode 7 : David Frye, Rex Reed, Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne Warwick, I. F. Stone
July. 11,1969
Episode 5 : Woody Allen, Joe Frazier, John Hartford, Julie Harris, Tom Wicker
June. 30,1969
Episode 4 : Cleveland Amory, Ann Miller, Otto Preminger, Tiny Tim
June. 24,1969
Episode 3 : Beverly Sills, Drew Pearson, Natalie Wood, Pat McCormick
June. 23,1969
Episode 2 : Groucho Marx
June. 13,1969
Episode 1 : Woody Allen, Anthony Quinn, Peter Ustinov, Cast of Hair, James Baldwin, Paul Weiss
May. 16,1969
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