Io sono Tempesta

November. 22,2018      
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Trailer Synopsis Cast

Marco Giallini as  Numa Tempesta
Elio Germano as  Bruno
Francesco Gheghi as  Nicola
Marcello Fonte as  Il Greco
Klea Marku as  Klea


All You Need is Crime
All You Need is Crime
In the present day, three friends to make ends meet invent a "criminal tour" for the places which were scenes of the Banda della Magliana criminal acts, even with vintage clothes. Suddenly they are catapulted in the 1982, during the Spain World Cup, facing the real Banda della Magliana, which at that time had the control over illegal bets.
All You Need is Crime 2019
Family Guy
Family Guy
Family Guy 2018
I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem
I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem
Has been an year since Pietro Zinni's gang got caught in the Sopox production laboratory and each of them locked up in different jails. From Regina Coeli jail, Pietro keep warning the authorities a fool syntetized nerve gas and he is ready to make a killing, but no one takes him seriously.
I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem 2017
Let Yourself Go
Let Yourself Go
Elia, a depressed jewish psychoanalyst, one day meets Claudia, a young and eccentric personal trainer.
Let Yourself Go 2017